Lunch Menu

Noya Shapla Cuisine in the Heart of The Jersey Island

Full of natural light with a modern kitchen offering an array of salads, sea-food and light flavourful grilled meats and vegetables, Noya Shapla offers a perfect menu for lunch time set meals.

Being based in the inspiring environment in the heart of St Aubin,situated in the former NatWest building opposite St Brelade’s Parish Hall.

Our Lunch menu is created using the diverse ingredients available and in season.

We have a simple but mindful approach to our cooking that allows the ingredients to dictate the menu
but to be prepared in such a way as to show them at their absolute best.

We cook our food over a special fired grill,respecting the simplicity of this method encourages us to focus on the ingredient being cooked with it and the flavours that can develop as a result.


Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu